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S2:E80 Deep Conversation w/Tom Mercer Pt. 1-Who Sits in the Front Row of Your Life?

November 19, 2021

Travis welcomes Tom Mercer to the show! Tom has been a pastor and leader for over 40 years serving most of that time at High Desert Church in Victorville, California. They discuss Nate Bargatze, Victorville, growing up in a pastor’s home, and the Oikos principle. The Oikos Principle-a simple approach to rethink how we share […] Read More

S2:E79 Deep Conversation w/Nancy Pearcey, Pt. 2-Loving the Body, Learning the Language, & Life Change

November 12, 2021

Travis & Nancy Pearcey (America’s pre-eminent evangelical Protestant female intellectual) continue their discussion on embracing God’s design for the body, defending the faith by drawing attention to inconsistencies in worldviews, stories of life change of those who have embraced God’s design, the importance of language and much more. At the center of their discussion is […] Read More

S2:E78 Deep Conversation w/Nancy Pearcey, Pt. 1-Sex, Self, Splits in Reality, and the Search for Meaning

November 5, 2021

Travis welcomes Nancy Pearcey to the show! In this first part of their conversation, they discuss our view of the body and how it affects us: sexual identity, splits in reality, self, and the search for meaning, especially on how it revolves around our understanding of our bodies and the necessity of having a proper […] Read More

S2:E77 Deep Conversation w/Michael S. Heiser-Naked Scripture, the Supernatural, and Scared Evangelicals.

October 29, 2021

Travis welcomes Dr. Michael S. Heiser to AW! Not only is Mike a world-class scholar, but he enables us to see the naked Bible in its context—even the hard stuff that has left us scratching our heads saying, “What?” He pulls back the curtain on tough passages, often revealing connections we didn’t know were there. […] Read More

S2:E76 Watering Wednesday-Walking in the Way

October 27, 2021

Travis and Kevin discuss Acts 8:1-2 and Acts 9:1-2 and what it means to be a follower of the Way. Do we believe that we really need God because our physical needs are being met? What does it mean to be a Christ-follower in the world that you live in? In the United States, for […] Read More

S2:E75 Deep Conversation w/James Choung, Pt. 2-Revival, Relevance, & Remnant

October 22, 2021

Travis and James Choung discuss revival (in Word, deed, and power), the need and our pursuit of it, returning to our first love, truncated Gospel understandings, multi-ethnic church, the fading idea of relevance, and how our mindset should transition from ministering to the culture to ministering to the remnant. They discuss evangelism in a society […] Read More

S2:E74 Deep Conversation w/James Choung, Pt. 1-Holy Discontent, Heart Desire, and Hope in Desperate Times

October 15, 2021

Travis has a deep conversation with James Choung on our need and desire for revival. Revival has had a lot of misunderstandings grow up around it over the years. Choung and his writing mate, Ryan Pfeiffer, have sought to restore the concept of revival by defining it and providing a way forward on how we […] Read More

S2:E73 Watering Wednesday-Updates, Observations, & A Life Interrupted.

October 13, 2021

What have we been up to? Not much. Just moving across states, finding and adjusting to new schools, missing church, dealing with biblical plagues, and getting covid 🙂 Despite the setbacks, we go back to Scripture and pick up our study of Acts. If you want to understand a person, you need to know where […] Read More

S2:E72 Deep Conversation w/Philip Jenkins: Is Secularization Killing Faith?

October 12, 2021

Travis has a conversation with well-known social critic Philip Jenkins. Jenkins is an award-winning author and scholar. Travis & Philip discuss Dr. Jenkins’s book, Fertility and Faith, and how secularization may be affecting the institutional practice of religion around the world. Dr. Philip Jenkins has a doctorate from Cambridge in history, taught at Penn State […] Read More

S2:E71 Deep Conversation w/Nik Ripken, Pt. 3-Hard Places, Hospitality, Households, and Hope

October 8, 2021

The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. There are people ready to come to faith, but there aren’t people who are willing to open up their homes, be vulnerable, and live an authentic life of faith in front of them. Are you? Travis and Nik delve into ministering in our modern culture are […] Read More

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